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Holiday Planning for 2022 – what every employer should know

Plan early for staff leave in 2022 and avoid unnecessary disruption to your business more »
Hybrid Working – does it work for your Business?

Deciding if hybrid working is right for your business and what you can do to ensure its success more »
Protecting against Cyber Risk & Data Breaches

Some simple steps to protect your business against Cyberattack more »
Retaining your Workforce through Economic Change

Recruiting and retaining your staff through times of economic change more »
Re-boarding – how to ease staff back into the workplace

Returning to the Workplace - is it the best solution for your business? more »
The Impact of Long-COVID & Other Hidden Disabilities on your Business

Tackling the impact of Hidden Disabilities on the Business more »
Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing – the way forward

Tackling Mental Health & Wellbeing in your Business more »
Employment Status – Unravelling the confusion

What should Employers be doing to ensure their contracts reflect the reality of the working relationship? more »
Employment options on the road back to “normality”

On the road back to a possibly new kind of normality, what are the best employment options for your business? more »
Can you insist staff have the Coronavirus vaccine?

Planning for any issues arising from staff objecting to the Coronavirus vaccination more »
Supporting Business through the Pandemic – a financial guide

Helping you to understand the financial support now available during the pandemic - and how to get it more »
Government “Plan for Jobs” schemes – are they suitable for your business?

The Government "Plan for Jobs" schemes all aim to support business and help strengthen the economy from the impact of Coronavirus - but are they right for your business? more »
Brexit going forward – how changes will affect employers

How employers may be affected by the changes Brexit will bring - and what actions should they consider more »
Discrimination in the workplace – an increasing problem?

Discrimination has no place in businesses today.  So how do you recognise its many facets and how do you ensure it is stamped out in your own business? more »
Protecting your Business against the Coronavirus

Whether it's protecting staff working or travelling abroad, dealing with distribution disruption or increased production demand - here are some tips of how to best support your business during the Coronavirus outbreak more »
Taking Time off Work in 2020

Ensure all your business HR policies and procedures are up to date with the new changes for 2020 more »
Working Women and the Menopause

So what is menopause transition? Why should it be a problem? And what can employers do to best support their female workers while they're going through it? more »
Dealing with Stranded Staff

Whether addressing an immediate situation or planning for a future one - here we look at the best ways to deal with unexpected staff absence more »
The Rugby World Cup 2019 – making it work for you

Whether a possible motivator or as a disruptive influence on staff - here we look at some useful tactics you can employ to manage any potential impact more »
Getting Ready for IR35 – should you be?

Are you among the one in five sole traders needlessly preparing for the new IR35 reforms coming into effect next April? more »
Protecting Pregnant Employees

Here we look at the issues concerning pregnant workers and the best approach for employers more »
Avoiding Discrimination when Recruiting

Adopting robust procedures will help you avoid falling foul of Disability Discrimination Laws - and to develop a better recruitment process more »
Encouraging a Culture of Constructive Feedback

Helping you to embed a culture of constructive feedback in your organisation more »
Changing the Way we Work in 2019

From April major changes to current employment law come into force that will change the way we work.

Here we look at what you need to know and what you must do to stay compliant. more »
Holiday Pay – getting it sorted!

To help debunk some of the many myths and misunderstandings regarding holidays and holiday pay here are some answers to the most common questions our Experts are asked. more »
Are Skills Shortages Harming your Business?

On the basis that "Good People make for a Good Business", how do you find enough people with the right skills and experience - and avoid potential disaster for your business! more »
Your Smooth Guide to the Christmas Festivities

Planning for your festivities to be a hit - not a disaster! more »
Paying for what the Job is Worth

The importance of paying what a job is worth - and the benefits to Employers! more »
Improving Employee Productivity

Create a positive environment where your people can reach their performance potential and can find a good fit for their abilities - and you will improve employee productivity. more »
"Old" but Gold - the value of mature staff!

An increasing proportion of staff are wanting to remain in work after "retirement" age.

So, as an employer, how can you ensure you get the best from your older workers - effectively supporting and encouraging them in their role in a much changing working environment? more »
Helping your staff to survive the summer

The severity of summer ills can have a major impact on staff health……. and on your business’ productivity! So how can you best support staff through the summer months and preserve efficiency in your workplace? more »
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Unfair Dismissal

As an HR Professional, the last thing we wish to be faced with is a situation where an employer has dismissed somebody unfairly. So, if you want to avoid the pitfalls of unfair dismissal - reading our article is a must! more »
To pay or not to pay – how to weatherproof your Business!

The last spell of bad weather raised many concerns about what to do if staff can’t get in or when the business has to temporarily close. But it isn’t just bad weather that causes closures – as KFC experienced when their chicken deliveries failed to turn up! So how can you ensure you “weatherproof” your business against such short-term assaults? more »
Dealing with redundancy – when a business goes bust!

The number of businesses impacted by Carillion’s seismic downfall is now thought to be legion, affecting businesses both large and small……and not just those in the construction sector. more »
GDPR – the countdown begins!

With only 6 months to go until the GDPR comes into force - what are the implications for your business? And what do you need to do to prepare for it? more »
Performance Management - getting the best from your staff

Understanding the root cause of a performance problem, and knowing how to effectively deal with it, will enable you to create a positive working environment where people feel supported and valued – and able to perform at their best! more »
What to do when staff go missing!

Staff take time off work for all sorts of reasons – they or a family member get sick, emergencies arise, or they just need days off to deal with stuff. But what should you do if an employee fails to return to work and then is impossible to contact? more »
Holiday Entitlement – Busting the Myths!

How much do you know about employee holiday entitlement? With the holiday season about to take off now’s the time to check that your interpretation of holiday pay and entitlement is correct and not one of the common more »
The Downfalls of the Dirty Office!

When it comes to the recruitment and retention of staff would you, as an employer, ever consider that the state of your workplace could be a deal-breaker! more »
Employing Foreign Nationals – do you understand the rules?

A report into practices, perceptions and experiences in relation to recruitment, has revealed there is confusion and misunderstanding of the law, when it comes to advertising more »
Compulsory high heels kick up a storm!

When Nicola Thorpe revolted against her employer’s demands to wear high heels at work - things certainly kicked off! more »
Self-Employed.......... or an Employee?

A ground breaking decision at a London tribunal involving the online app, Uber, has cast doubt about other organisations using self-employed operators – are they self-employed or actually employees? more »
Latest on: Commission/Holiday Pay & Pension Auto-enrolment

Following British Gas’s unsuccessful appeal Employers need to include commission in holiday pay. Plus - has the staging date for your Pension Auto-enrolment arrived yet? more »
Misconduct Outside of Work

When should misconduct that occurs outside of work result in dismissal? more »
Sexual Harassment – a growing issue in your business?

In these days of supposed equality why is sexual harassment an issue for over half of the female workforce in the UK? more »
Counting the Cost - Sexual Harassment

The recent court cases featured include discrimination over sick leave plus cases highlighting an issue which, according to a recent TUC survey, is a seemingly growing trend in the workplace - that of sexual harassment at more »
Supporting your staff through the heatwave!

It’s been long awaited but now summer’s finally arrived, is your business ready to cope with the impact of high temperatures? more »
Essential Support for Employees as Carers

As our population and workforce age, a rising number of staff are having to take on the additional responsibility of carer for sick or disabled parents and other loved ones. The impact of this on people’s ability to work is becoming an increasingly critical issue for more »
Would a vote for Brexit make it harder to recruit EU workers?

With just 4 weeks to go to the EU referendum - are you still in the dark about how a “leave” vote might affect current and future staff? more »
Dealing with Cyber-bullying at work

It seems advances in electronic communication have become more rapid and sophisticated by the hour these days! But with these changes comes a more sophisticated way to bully as well. So, as an employer, what can you do to protect your staff against modern forms of this type of harassment? more »
Counting the Cost - Vicarious Liability Cases

If a member of your staff commits a criminal act, as their employer - how responsible are you? more »
March Update: Latest news for Employers

Whether it’s dealing with the criminal acts of staff or paying for non-existent people or jobs, is it time to take a fresh look at those you employ? more »
Counting the Cost: HR Tribunal News (Feb 2016)

The number of Employment Tribunal cases generally may be down - but when it comes to discrimination, cases are definitely on the rise! more »
Tribunal Claims down - but risks are high!

Despite the dramatic drop in Employment Tribunal claims, when they do go against the employer, the effect on the business can be devastating. So a decrease in tribunal claims is no excuse for complacency! more »
“What’s instore for 2016?”

Looking at the “Hot Topics” for 2016 including: - Accessing Staff Emails; new National Living Wage; simplification of Tax & NI; calculating holiday pay; hiring migrant workers; Travel-time for mobile more »
The Christmas Party: to be dreaded – or enjoyed?

The Christmas Party is not yet dead and buried and lots of organisations still have them. But they can have some unwelcome repercussions! more »
Avoiding the Pitfalls

Employing immigrant workers: BIS Guidance on Zero Hours: National Minimum Wage more »
Disciplinary Procedures – getting it wrong can be expensive!

When it comes to dealing with disciplinary matters it’s often the case that the inexperience of managers in many small/medium sized businesses, can lead to successful claims against them at Tribunal. That’s where having the benefit of access to an experienced HR Professional- such as our Ask the Expert service – comes into its own! more »
Do your “Employment Contracts” fit the bill?

The importance of “getting it right” from the start of the recruitment process - and after………, the future of employee more »
Counting the Cost: HR Tribunal Cases (Aug 2015)

Employment Contracts – handle with care!........ (a) Agency workers (b) Social Media Misconduct (c) Hiring for “Safety Critical” more »
Cutting through the confusion - staff holidays & Termination Payments

Unraveling the mysteries of employment legislation can be challenging at the best of times! Here we give Employers some clarity on holiday pay and prepare for a Government consultation on Termination more »
Employers' News Alert - July

Employee Searches – protecting your business or an infringement of Human Rights?............Holiday Pay Arrears – new ruling effective from 1st more »
Employers' News Alert - June

National Minimum Wage – non-compliance fines now £20k PER EMPLOYEE.............Small Firms Pensions - when’s your “staging date”? more »
Counting the Cost: HR Tribunal Cases (May 2015)

Drug Tests and Bank Notes ..... Social media – be careful what you say! ..... Retailer first to be hammered by holiday pay ruling ..... Calls to change “unfair” Under 20 rule more »
The Changing Face of your Workforce

With one in six people in Britain aged over 65 and a growing trend of the over sixty-fives continuing to work - how should Employers tackle the problem of older Employees? more »
Jeremy Clarkson in the workplace – dealing with violence at work • Shared Parental Leave – more choice for parents from 5th April

What’s the best approach for an Employer to take in tackling violence at work? Sharing responsibility for child care in their first year – but what does it mean for the Employer? more »
Zero Hour Contracts – it’s not all bad! + European Courts throwing their Weight about again!

• A lot of focus recently has been on Zero Hour Contracts and how bad they are for employees - but we don’t hear a lot about the benefits such contracts bring to both parties • The European Court of Justice has ruled that obesity can, in severe cases, constitute a disability - now, for the first time, it has been reaffirmed by a UK employment tribunal more »
February's News for Employers

• Fit for Work - Help in getting valuable employees back to work (after sickness absence) • Myth about difficulties of sacking more »
Starting 2015 on a positive note!

• Looking to expand this year and take on new people to help build the business? • Tribunals claims (overtime pay during holidays) - High Court rejects UNISON’s appeal more »
Managing Absence in Your Business

The recently released CIPD Absence Management Survey for 2014 found that one less day, on average, was lost in employee absence than in the previous year. Yet despite this apparent fall there has been a distinct rise in absence caused by stress and mental health problems and of the more recent phenomenon, “presenteeism”*. So, as an Employer, what can you do to identify the key issues for your workforce – and to develop targeted and cost effective ways to support your staff? more »
News Alert - today’s ruling on inclusion of overtime in holiday pay

Employers please take note - today's EAT ruling has widespread implications for all companies paying overtime to their staff! more »
Employers take note – yet more changes from the 1st October

• Employers losing equal pay claim - to undertake equal pay audit • SME’s able to claim up to £500 a month for Military Reservists • National Employment Savings Trust limit to change (Oct 2015) more »
Update for September – Are you ready for the changes coming into effect from 1st October?

• Drop in Employment Tribunal Claims • National Minimum Wage changes • Time off for Antenatal appointments more »
August's Hot News for Employers

• Now it’s the turn of OVERTIME to be included in Holiday Pay - what are the possible consequences for your business? • Summertime Workers – with fines doubled to £20k per breach - have you done your Illegal Workers Checks? more »
Taking a proper lunch break is good for Business!

We all know that taking a proper lunch break is probably good for us, yet only one in six workers actually do it on a regular basis. While during the down-turn concerns about job security and trying to manage extra workloads may have led to staff skipping their lunch break - for many it has become a habit that’s hard to break! But if you want the best from your staff they should be encouraged to take proper lunch breaks. Otherwise their health and performance could suffer – and seriously impact on your business. more »
This month's Hot News

Current “hot” news for Employers: • Zero Hours - exclusivity clauses to be banned in zero hour contracts • Flexible Working – new regulation kicks in • Employment Tribunals Awards – stricter regime for enforcement • Inclusion of Commission in Holiday Pay – potential minefield for Employers? What you need to know – and getting the right help and guidance to deal with it. more »
Misconduct Outside of Work - dealing with the consequences

While you can regulate your employees' behaviour at work, their off-duty conduct is a different story. When serious staff misconduct occurs outside of work – perhaps when a heated dispute in the pub ends in alleged assault or a serious driving offence is committed - what action should an Employer take? more »
World Cup Brazil 2014 – is the temptation too great for your staff?

If you believe the lure of the World Cup will have no impact on your business - think again! Every time there is an event like this employers have found staff taking time off, whether permission had been granted or not. The lure of the semi-final is just too strong! more »
ACAS Early Conciliation now in place

Since the launch of the ACAS Early Conciliation Service in April anyone thinking of making an employment tribunal claim has had to notify ACAS before doing so. For tribunal claims lodged on or after 6 May (unless an exemption applies) it is now a legal requirement for a claimant to have made an Early Conciliation notification to Acas - so no tribunal claims will be accepted unless the complaint has been referred to Acas and a conciliation certificate more »
Flexible Working Rights – June 2014 amendment

The Government has confirmed the 30th June 2014 as the new implementation date for the introduction of the Extended Right to Request Flexible Working. So if you haven’t updated your flexible working policy to reflect the new right – now's the time to do so! more »
Tribunal Claims - Result of Fees?

Last week, the MOJ published its annual statistics for employment tribunal claims. The statistics showed that claims in October - December 2013 had fallen by 79% compared with the same period in 2012. Sex discrimination claims were down by 83% and equal pay claims fell by 80%. more »
Reminders HR Updates and Changes

Just a short reminded about some changes so far this year: TUPE - Changes affective 31st January 2014 Changes in statutory benefits Delay to extended rights to flexible more »
TUPE – CHANGES DUE 31st January 2014

The amendments are contained in the Collective Redundancies and Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (Amendment) Regulations 2013, and in summary are as follows: more »
Notice Pay For Employees Who Are Ill

An interesting anomaly in employment rights that many employers fall foul of. If an employee is given notice whilst off sick or who goes off sick during the notice period how is the notice pay made up? Is it Statutory Sick Pay only or normal salary/wage? (Or indeed company sick pay where such a scheme exists) more »
Time off Over the Festive Period

Christmas time off can cause headaches and issues in busy workplaces, here are a few scenarios that may help you over the festive period. If you still have questions our experts are on hand to answer your queries on more »
Addition of New Template Documents

In order to keep our members compliant and able to access templates and documentation that will support their HR management we have added a new series of downloadable templates to the more »
Living Wage

The Living Wage Foundation has announced today that over 30,000 low-paid workers stand to get a pay rise of up to £400 a year because they work for companies signed up with the Living Wage Foundation as a Living Wage more »
Future Changes to TUPE

Change of Contractor As if it is not difficult enough to understand TUPE the government has announced its detailed proposals for future changes that may or may not simplify TUPE. The most significant announcement is the proposed abolition of the Service Provision Change rule. more »
New Tribunal Powers

Section 16 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, adds a new section 12A to the Employment Tribunals Act 1996, which empowers employment tribunals to impose discretionary financial penalties on respondent employers where they are found to have breached a worker's employment rights and the tribunal is of the opinion that the employer’s breach has one or more aggravating features. more »
Reminders For October

A little reminder of upcoming changes in October more »
Employee Shareholders

This came into force on 1st September 2013. As from this month, a new type of employment contract, known as an 'employee-shareholder' contract, is an option for employers. more »
Compromise Agreements

As from 29th July 2013 Compromise Agreements will be known as "settlement agreements" more »
Changes In Employment Tribunal

New Fees With effect 29th July 2013 Claimants will start paying a fee to submit a claim to an employment tribunal. Fees will also be payable by respondents in some more »
Disclosure and Barring Service Update

The Disclosure & Barring Service’s (DBS) new online Update Service will be available from the middle of June 2013. From that date (17th) anybody who applies for a DBS check may subscribe to the Update Service for an additional fee of £13 per year. This will enable their criminal record certificate to be kept up to date so that it can be used when they change jobs or role within the same type of workforce. more »
Tribunal Fees Update

Subject to the necessary Parliamentary approvals the new fees will apply to claims lodged on or after Monday 29 July more »
Best Excuses for Missing Work ...

We do like to share the 'lighter side of working life' with our members on occasions. Thinking that these 'odd days' of sunshine my cause an increase in sudden 'sickness days', we thought that we would share these with you - some of the many excuses that clients have reported over the years. more »
Upcoming Changes to Statutory Payments and Entitlements

A reminder of increases in statutory payments and more »
Changes to Terms and Conditions: Dismissal and Re-engagement Was Fair

The following case gives some comfort to employers who may fail (unintentionally) to strictly follow “good practice” due to having limited resource in management with a good knowledge of HR. It also highlights the need for first of all starting with a good business reason for making the changes. more »
Bank Holidays

We often receive questions concerning entitlement to Bank and Public Holidays. Should they be included in the statutory entitlement to 5.6 weeks? Should they be paid? May we require employees to work on such holidays? more »
Key Changes in the 2013 Budget

A summary of budget changes that may affect you and your more »
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